Top 10 Games Based on the Phaser Framework

As a game developer, it is always great to have a bit of inspiration when starting a project. Whether you are making a retro game such as centipede or a newer game such as diner dash, seeing how other game developers have tackled user interactivity and functionality will help you in your own game development. Here are 10 of our favorite games which are based upon the Phaser framework.

# 10. Pong and Variations of It

Perhaps the most classic of all games is the game that started it all. Pong has been mimicked and enhanced millions of times by game developers. The basic principle remains, don’t lose the ball. Where some have also added in extra graphics and enhancements, a game developer seldom fails when going with the Pong design.

#9. Labyrinth

A game collection would not be complete without a maze/puzzle game. Labyrinth is your typical get the circle into the hole type of game. You have a bright blue marble like character which has to get to a duller blue circle (hole). The game functions by tilting the mobile device and therefore rolling the ball to the desired location. Be careful, touching a black circle ends the game.

#8. Wolfblood

This game was developed around the TV show “Wolfblood”. Normally, I try to stay away from the game based on the movie which is based on the book which is based on the comic type of thing, but this game is really engaging. What is particularly ideal for this game is the different screens within the game. There is the navigation map, the RPG type of interface, and then there is the gameplay. For a phaser framework game, this is quite a complex game. As one may guess, Wolfblood is centered around the werewolf hype.

#7. Sky Legend

A classic game of racing that incorporates dragons. Sky Legend makes the Phaser framework game list due to the graphics and the structure of the game. Much like a typical racing game, the sky legend has replaced the car with a dragon graphic. Like racing games of the past, one has to avoid obstacles and (of course) try to finish the race within time.

#6. Honda Fit Challenge

The Honda fit challenge, is not a fitness game as the name suggest. It is a driving and parking game. The game requires both hands to navigate your Honda around the screen. Once a parking space is found, you have to parallel park without hitting anything. Sound easy? You may find this a bit more difficult than it sounds. With a very retro look, Honda Fit Challenge offers the complexity of modern gaming with the “throw back” look of 80’s gaming.

#5. Sort Bird

If you like Angry birds and puzzle games, then this is an inspirational game for you. This Phaser framework game definitively has the graphic similarities to the popular angry bird characters. However, the birds are in tile form. Sort Birdx gives the user a set of birds and a set number of moves. It is the user’s job to get the bird to the nest within the number of moves provided. Complete with the nests and the large stars which (again) are typical of the angry birds market, this game shows how a popular game can be mimicked and modified to provide a new and entertaining game without being redundant.

#4. Master of Arms: Sword, Staff, Spear

Addicting games has created a fast paced action game. The graphics are what really sell the game. As you will note, the game is designed around a series of “enemies” which must be defeated. These graphics appear on the screen and the user is given the option to defeat them with a sword, staff, and spear. All three of these weapons are located at the bottom of the user interface and remain present during the game. In other words there is only 3 buttons, which control the entire game. Like any great action game of this sort, as you progress the characters come at the screen faster. Reaction time is the key for this game.

#3. INTS

Simple yet engaging, INTS encourages the user to push those mental skills to the limit. Specifically, the game targets math and critical thinking skills. INTS focuses on giving the user a set of 4 numbers which they must add or subtract to get a specific answer (for example 5593 must be added or subtracted to get the number 1).
Design wise, the game has a very modern look. The numbers are placed upon scrabble like tiles, the formula which you construct is displayed in a calculator like box, and the keys are easily manipulated.

#2. Runner Fox

If you thought that all Phaser framework games had to have a minimalistic style, then Runner Fox by Numidia Games is sure to inspire you. The game is based upon feeding a fox. It is a typical platform game (meaning that you go from a graphic platform to another graphic platform) yet disguised somewhat by the merger of the platforms to form a sort of tier graphic. The point of the game is to collect meat while avoiding the rocks and other obstacles. This game was chosen because of the high level of the graphics as well as the user interactivity.

# 1. [115]

This game was chosen not for the name (which could use a bit of enhancement), but for the wonderful association with the game asteroid. For those of us who spent hours upon hours at the arcade playing this classic, the 115 proves to bring that game into the mobile world. Notice the use of primary shapes mixed with a dynamic foreground and frame to the game. This tie has made the game both relevant for the older gamer as well as the newer target audience.

Regardless of the type of game which you are developing, you would do well to look into various games which are on the market. For one, if you develop games then more than likely you are a gamer. Secondly, by knowing the competition you know what sells and what fails. Finally, games give inspiration. Where you may be stuck in an area of development another game may have the solution. So look and see what Phaser games are available and game on.


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