Video tutorial: exporting Android app

We made a video to show you that publishing game to Android store is super fast and easy. It is literally one click away in MightyEditor. There is no need for installing and configuring Java, Ant, Android SDK or any other complicated tool. That’s cool!

Currently 2 options are available in level editor: Cordova and Crosswalk. Differences between these two:

  • Cordova uses default webview which can be slower and laggier than Crosswalk because it installs Chromium webview along the way
  • Crosswalk supports Android starting from 4.0. Cordova exports also for older versions
  • Crosswalk adds 18 MB to app size

Important: for setting up some app parameters (fullscreen, orientation…) you have to go to source editor and edit manifest.json (for Crosswalk app) or config.xml (for Cordova app). Even if you don’t have these files than MightyEditor will generate them. You might also check Cordova documentation and Crosswalk documentation.

Tutorial to create Rocky Smasher.

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