Game Development Salaries by Country

Game development is an ever-growing industry, which has attracted gamers and developers from all over the world. However, when starting out on the career path, one of the obvious questions is how much money will this make me? The next concern is usually around how competitive is the market? This is especially true for freelancers and those who want to start small companies.

Gamedev Events Around the World

HTML5 game developers need to be immersed within the culture. It is all well and good to understand the programming but due to the constant evolution within the industry, it is critical that any aspiring professional seek the counsel of other like-minded individuals. Traditionally speaking, and still the norm, is the participation in conferences and other events held around the world. While there are many great game development conferences, here are a few exceptional ones.

Top 10 Games Based on the Phaser Framework

As a game developer, it is always great to have a bit of inspiration when starting a project. Whether you are making a retro game such as centipede or a newer game such as diner dash, seeing how other game developers have tackled user interactivity and functionality will help you in your own game development. Here are 10 of our favorite games which are based upon the Phaser framework.