MightyEditor exports to Android

Since very beginning we have aimed MightyEditor to help gamedevs and make their lives easier. One of things developers struggle is export to different platforms. We have made it super simple. Now you can export game to Android with one click in the browser. iPhone and Windows phone will follow.

MIghtyEditor exports to Android HTML5 game

Android APK packages can be compiled in both debug and release modes using Crosswalk project. When exporting release build MightyEditor will generate a keystore for every user and will use it to sign all the user’s games. Email notification will be send with a link to an APK and your keystore attached.

For already created projects editor will provide generic manifest.json and default icon. You can create your own manifest.json and upload launcher.png (128 x 128px).
For more information regarding manifest.js check documentation and also feel free to ask here.

Export to Android has been limited to subscribers only.

Minification has been added to export options. Editor will parse index.html and automatically minify css and js files and will put all of them in one minified file. Process will skip already minified files, e.g. phaser.min.js . Check is based on filename looking for .min.js (min.css) part. Also remote files will be skipped (link starting with http) and whitespaces will be removed from section in the index html.

List of bug fixes and features:

  • Autocomplete automatically will show up on typing
    (you can disable it – MyMighty -> personalize -> SourceEditor -> autocomplete)
  • Map editor. Shift + arrows – will move object by 10px instead of 1px. Notice that Ctrl + arrows – will make grid size jumps
  • QR codes are added to exported links for easier mobile access
  • The misbehaviour of delete key has been fixed
  • Issue with physics body scaling has been fixed
  • Pasted object while camera has been zoomed in/out – now gets correct coordinates
  • Grouping – selected group issue fixed
  • All text files will have UTF-8 encoding
  • treeViews now uses small thumbnails for the previews
  • Export to *.js(on) – assets will have correct atlas specified
  • After atlas info update (upload new data file) – all objects will be updated and will show correct frames
  • While creating new object from texture atlas ME will try to guess object name based on frame information
  • Panels will remember scrolling positions after switching tabs in the preview area

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