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Recently our team has created two mini-games using It is one of the most popular open-source HTML5 frameworks out there and we find it pretty useful. We at MightyFingers decided to help fellow game developers and created editor on top of it and called it “MightyEditor“. The idea is pretty simple – make it easier for everybody to work with the framework. Currently we have very basic features implemented like asset management, map creation, grouping in levels and data exporting. However without these basic things we would spend quit a time to create all levels we have.

How does it work? Editor is web based tool and doesn’t require any hassle like installation or authorization to the system. Simply go to and system will give unique URL where you will be able to return later on and continue your work with map creation. Real time testing is as simple as including URL given on editor top right in your game project. You can export data from editor at any time, no dependencies here. We have tested editor only on Chrome, no guarantee for other browsers :)

For more info check out editor features section at our home page.

Video tutorial

Here is a list of the features that we are planning to implement in the future. Please vote for your favorite/most needed one or even request a new one – so we can focus more on the most required features:

  • text object
  • zoom in / out
  • sound management
  • tile map support
  • import from tiled editor
  • export to tiled editor
  • sprite animation editor
  • tween editor
  • source editor
  • user and multi user support
  • version control for the projects

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