Game demos

You can view some of our games and experiments here. We hope you will enjoy them.

Temple of Cake

Run for your own safety, avoid different traps and danger! Simple but addicting run and jump game.

Jelly Fall

Jelly falls in never ending tunnel full of obstacles. Collect coins and power-ups but avoid spikes and saws. On desktop computers use arrow left/right/down to move jelly, for mobile there are special buttons. More deeper you get higher falling speed and more spikes.

Shape Tap

Shape Tap improves your memory ability. Remember different shapes and colors.

Temple Defence

You must Protect you main character from all dangers as he fights his way through treacherous paths inside and outside mighty dungeons. Slice hoards of demonic creatures and disarm deadly traps to help the Hero to push his way to victory.

Guardian Angel

You must Protect you main character from all dangers as he fights his way through treacherous paths inside and outside mighty dungeons. Slice hoards of demonic creatures and disarm deadly traps to help the Hero to push his way to victory.


First commercial MightyFingers game which has more than 75'000 unique users. Main task is to dig into the earth searching for minerals. Going deeper you will find more valuable ones.


Main example how to build games with MightyEngine. Visit tutorial to go deep into the code!

Treasure Isle

Isometric demo for adventure game

Top Down

In “Dungeon of Hearts” you must crawl through procedurally generated dungeons, explore and collect heart gems which can be absorbed or used to make character stronger. Game was made in just 48 hours in global GameJam event.

Angry Furballs

Clone of popular game Angry Birds. For physics we are using box2d library.

Guardian Angel for Android (.apk)

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