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Open source
Good for you and good for us. We enjoy creating things for community, so you are welcome to fork the editor on github.
WEB based
No need to set-up or install anything. Just go to MightyEditor and start working right away. Editor will create unique link for your project which can be used later on to return and make some changes.
Asset management
Drag and drop files or directories from the file explorer into the browser window to add the assets. Organize textures in folders. Delete, edit or replace unnecessary assets.
Map editor
Define grid size and camera position in the map section. Paint your map using stamp tool or brush tool. You can use select tool to change position, scale and rotation angle of already created objects. Remember about Ctrl+z as an easy way to go back from unnecessary changes.
A simple physics editor to set basic physics properties for object without using any code.
Code editor
Give some functionality for your newly created objects in map editor. Write your code in the browser. No need for installing any complex IDEs.
Texture atlas
Pack textures to a single image thus reducing game load time.
Tilelayer support
Simple alternative for tiled editor.
Animation editor
Keyframe based animation tool. You can adjust tween animations with easing options and speed it up with increasing FPS property.
Game hosting
Share your project with one link. Currently you can enjoy free hosting for your game project.
Create groups to organize existing objects in different game levels. You can select, hide, sort, lock and delete groups. New objects can be added in a group by selecting it.
Export data
Use MightyEditor provided url and include it in your project. Any changes will be visible real-time in your game. Export all the data at any time and let your game be stand alone. No dependencies to the editor.
Phaser based
Compatible with the most popular HTML5 game framework out there.

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