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By default editor calls demo state and all tweens are played from main timeline. What if you want to create animation from JavaScript code?

At first we will create 3 animations for character: walk, idle, jump. Check detailed graphical tutorial how to do it.

Remember that you can create additional tween for your object group by clicking Settings -> Add Movie on top right part of timeline panel (nr.1 in picture). Rename movie by double clicking on active tab (nr.2 in picture). By default a new tween is called “NewMovie”.


After that go to source editor and create character group. When character is ready you can add movies to it.

this.character = mt.create("character");

“mt.createTweens” adds 3 tweens to


   // result
      idle: {...},
      walk: {...},
      jump: {...},

Here is a full code:

"use strict"; = {
	create: function(){
		this.response = mt.create("response");
		this.character = mt.create("character");
		mt.createTweens(this.character);;, mouse){ 
				case 0: // mouse left click =;
				case 1: // mouse scroll click =;
				case 2: // mouse right click =;
		}, this);

You can find project here.

3 comments on “Create from code

  1. Great, thanks for helping on editor improvement. So what we’ll do
    1) Improving tools panel
    – We’ll change select tool functionality not to replace asset, it’s confusing
    – Drag and drop assets to the map with select tool
    – Dragging multiple assets on map
    – Adding shortcuts for tools. These will be numeric keys 1, 2, 3…
    2) Regarding keyframes. It is a feature to apply keyframes for all objects. In order to set one keyframe there is an icon (though broken now, will fix) for each individual object or you can just set by “space” button. Made a quick picture
    – Select and drag multiple keyframes. Will add this to future feature list
    3) Shape tool. Will consider, but this wouldn’t be priority for next 2 months.

  2. I’m glad it is helpful. I started to write about my issue with setting keyframes and then thought it might just be easier to show directly.

    @ 1):
    Nice to hear you will take things into account.

    @ 2):
    So setting keyframes then is very intuitive. I was using it just the way you said. Only I wasn’t aware it’s broken. Good to here it’ll be fixed.

    Good work, keep it up!

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