Tile layer support

We are very happy that game developers use Mighty Editor as a tool for map creations. Currently we have only basic features but there are great plans for future. Progress will be visible with regular blog updates. The biggest change at the moment is tile layer support. Check it out in the editor.

Basic usage:

  • create tile layer from object panel menu
  • select created layer
  • adjust properties
  • in the bottom panel, all the assets will automatically appear in tile selection preview
  • select tile(s) from the palette and put tiles on the layer
  • to delete a tile, hold down ctrl key

A few additional changes:

  • camera zoom issues in brush and stamp tools fixed
  • assets loading bug fixed – all objects had a “missing” image
  • slight performance improvements when dealing with many objects in one group
  • huge amount of UI improvements
  • double click on single object will select all objects with the same image
  • a bug report link has been added to the help and support drop-down menu – if you’ve found a bug – please don’t hesitate to report it

In the next smaller release, we are planning to improve asset management:

  • add texture atlas support
  • change asset image – sometimes you need to update images – at the moment, the only way is to:
    * upload new images
    * select all objects
    * select a new image
    as you can see, it’s quite annoying for such a simple task

We’ve also made development version available to public – it is almost always up to date with github version if you’re feeling adventurous – you can explore it here: mightyeditor.mightyfingers.com:8080. Sometimes it might get unstable and totally break down – don’t use it for important projects.

6 comments on “Tile layer support

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  2. I need to add a tile map (from tiled editor) with collision to the editor, how could I do it? And in which format the tile should be exported?

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