Server in USA

MightyEditor gets more and more users every day. Part of them comes from US and that is far away from our server here in Europe. We wanted to please gamedevs across the ocean and set up server there.

You can get to US server with this link – Hopefully, it will resolve many problems due to slow connection to the editor. Mightyeditor will detect clients ipgeo location and – if the user comes from North America – it will redirect to the US server.

You can force to use the EU server with the url:
or USA server with the url: http://

Projects are not shared between servers automatically (the reason is very simple – to save the disk space on the servers), but you can still move projects manually from US to EU and back by clicking Project -> clone (eu / us).

Some minor bugfixes and improvements:

  • Tool-tips for tools and the upload notification box added
  • Missing minified files (e.g. jshint) added to improve the loading speed
  • Physics debug highlight fixed (if camera has been zoomed)
  • Regression bug with Google fonts fixed
  • Export option fixed – in some cases it failed to export project completely
  • Object texture change fixed – sometimes the wrong object got affected

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