MightyFingers at USA

In early and almost shiny Saturday morning we MightyFingers and SunnyRide teams started our journey to the magical Silicon Valley (the third MightyFinger Alex left a little bit later).

We were the last teams to leave from Finland, so we had a little sauna session in the night before leaving the Garage.
As usual – after the sauna sleep is always awesome and deep, so we barely were able to keep our eyes open till the first flight from Finland to England.

After we boarded the plane and found our seats we slept like little babies, we woke up only to have a morning snack – a sandwich.

After a few hours of sweet dreams we had to wake up becouse we landed in London. The Heathrow airport was quite huge, but everything was really well organized and we got to our gate A-something quite a time before the departure despite the fact, that we landed later than predicted.

Then we boarded the huge intercontinental air bus, and once again – “Like a babies”.
Basically the flight was quite comfortable, food was quite ok and so on.

The fun part begun after we landed at the San Francisco International (SFO) airport. The questioning at the entry point/customs was quite interesting experience (loads of funny and trippy questions, but still). And also i had to go to secondary questioning becouse “My Left Hand Fingerprints didn’t match those in the passport”.

After that was over – Yeah Baby, Good Morning California.


It was a bit cooler than we expected, only around 15C. And we didn’t get in the first leaving bus so we were stuck at the airport for an hour more.

Everything is bigger in America

We were hanging around in the airport and got burgers for breakfast and they were huge! We finally got on the bus to Palo Alto after an hour and started driving – every friggin thing was bigger than in Europe, even the roadsigns. Cool.

After we got to Palo Alto we discovered that we are nowhere near our hotel “Super8”. So we started hiking towards it. After a while we got to the “Enterance to Stanford”, it looked so cool – palm trees on both sides of the road n’ stuff.
Then we hiked more and more and finally got to our hotel and it was located near McDonalds on El Camino Real 3200 (We started hiking before the El Camino road started).

We quickly threw our bags in our room and quickly headed for the opening Dinner Party at nearly located Fish Market (a restourant not like the Fish Markets in Latvia). There we met the rest of the teams, some new faces, Kristo gave the opening speach then we talked to some interesting people and talked about our travels and got the updated Schedule…

So yeah –Tomorrow begins with Surfing! What better way to launch this kind of week than learning to surf.

I have only one more thing to say – Watch out California, looks like there will be some Half-blind Latvian surfers in the Bay Area tomorrow! Yeah!

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