Seedcamp – here we come

Last couple of weeks we’ve been running around like crazy and the result turned out to be pretty awesome. With our second attempt we finally got in Seedcamp!

Seedcamp Tallin

We headed out to Estonia right after Startup-monthly Vilinus event in Lithuania. Despite being really tired we were quite amped about the Seedcamp event and all the cool people we knew we will meet there.

Although the first preparation day was quite slowly paced, we got to meet up with most of the other teams and talk about quite a lot of things. The Real event itself was awesome! The president of Estonia himself gave a speech for all the participants and stayed for all of the pitches.

After a day of mentoring and bashing around some angles of our product we gained some really awesome contacts in European game-dev scene and a lot of useful feedback on questions that we were interested in. After this our mouths were dry like deserts from all the talking, but not to worry – guys from seedcamp had prepared a nice afterparty/networking event.

When the last day came we did not know what to expect, so we just went in and tried to present everything as good as we could (and of course we had to f*ck up the presentation slides by taking some older version with us). Turned out that we did not mess up as badly as we thought and we got “The call” that we had won the Seedcamp Tallin event.


So – yeah, there are still a lot of sleepless nights ahead of us and this is just one of the steps we will take, but we think that this an awesome step to get to and we would like to thank everybody who have supported us up until now. Thanks guys and girls!

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