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HTML5 game developers need to be immersed within the culture. It is all well and good to understand the programming but due to the constant evolution within the industry, it is critical that any aspiring professional seek the counsel of other like-minded individuals. Traditionally speaking, and still the norm, is the participation in conferences and other events held around the world. While there are many great game development conferences, here are a few exceptional ones.


This conference is held yearly in the San Francisco area. The HTML5 conference boasts to have the largest meeting of programmers, developers, software engineers, and leading technologies than any other conference held throughout the year. Focusing mainly on the programming language and technologies around HTML5, the conference has attracted both game developers as well as computer developers such as Intel.

For game developers, the HTML5Devconf provides an avenue for understanding the technologies which are emerging in the year to come. You should be aware that this conference is not primarily focused on game development but on HTML and web based coding and technologies.

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Ongamestart HTML Game Conference

While many conferences are focused on the programming or the execution of the game development, there are few conferences, which are totally oriented to the game developer. This conference is held in Poland and not in the United States, China, or one of the other major centers for game development, so there are still questions as to whether or not gamer developers will flock to Poland for this first ever major gaming conference.

The gaming conference is scheduled for March 2015. Although details are few, you can learn more at:


The GDC, or Game Development Conference, is another one of the major world conferences held for game developers within the San Francisco area. The conference is one of the most well-known in the world for game developers. The GDC has become the industry-standard for game developers looking to obtain information, new technologies, and practical strategies to implement in the following year.

If you cannot attend the GDC annual conference, there are many summits, which are offered throughout the year at various locations and on various topics. It is highly encouraged that any serious game developer become part of the GDC, in an effort to better understand the industry.

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Overlooked by many gamers are the aspects of the game development, which are not found within a gaming conference. Take for example the leading games on the market are based off of comic books, graphic novels, or movies. You have only to look at the booming market (dominated primarily by Marvel comics) to understand that this is a critical influencer in game development.

ComicCon is the leading comic book conference in the world. Every year thousands of people flocked to the conference in order to see the latest trends in the graphic and visual storytelling world. As a game developer this information can help you get the upper hand on what trends are going to be set for the next year. Furthermore, understanding the stylistic qualities of the graphics which are coming out and associating your game’s visuals with those characteristics will greatly enhance the odds of you producing a successful game.


One of the most beneficial conferences for anyone within the technology, animation, HTML, or gaming industry would be the SIGRAPH conference. The conference is held every year in the California area; however the conference has been known to have summits in other locations throughout the world.

The industries top professionals at this conference give both training and lectures. From Apple computers to the implementation of Nvidia technologies into the latest games, a game developer can clearly see the advantage of attending this conference. What’s greater still is that SIGRAPH is the primary conference for technology developers to test out new product designs and technologies with members of the game development, HTML, technology, and software community prior to being released to the public. Understanding where the market is in a shift prior to it happening is definitively a strategy for any successful game developer.

While these are only a few of the many conferences held throughout the world, you would be wise to seek out conferences (even if they are only speeches from a local college or graphic artists guild) in order to obtain a broader scope of your understanding of the gaming and HTML industry.

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