First day, part 2

And then there was beer… and sauna…

As it turned out, there was planned realy nice and laid back networking part in the evening – after the “formal part”. There was beer, pizza, loads of awesome people to network with and sauna! In Latvia it is really uncommon to see a sauna in a business complex/university and even at most of the homes.

Game dev gathering at Helsinki. Today? Lets go!

After most of the people were gone from the garage, we hanged around and met Ville from Stagecraf. We talked a little about game developing, some random stuff and in the end he mentioned – “You know – there is gathering of gamedevelopers from Finland in Helsinki, what the hell are you even doing here”.

So we quickly decided – why not, it is an awesome opportunity to check out what game devs are out here in Finland and so we went to Helsinki

At the pub we saw people from many awesome game dev teams. Like some guys form “Remedy Entertainment” (the Developers of “Max Payne”), guys from “Rovio”(Creators of “Angry Birds”) and so on. We talked to some people, networked around, got quite an awesome opportunity for quite nice meeting a little bit later this week. And after a while we headed out to find the bus station, from where we could get back to Aaltos.

Hanging around in Helsinki. Or – yeah, the bus is gone, fck.

After we left the pub, the interesting part started – as it turned out we missed our bus to Aaltos. As we did not want to spend much money on transportation and it was late anyway, we thought – “lets sleep in the bus station”.

Yeah right, as it turns out it is not so easy – the bus station in Helsinki closes @ 2AM. Darn. Ok we got thrown out of there. What to do now. Only one thing left to do – lets check out Helsinki at nighttime.

As it turned out there were more than few poeple out in streets at monday night. We met some nighttime skaters, chatted for a while with Russian speaking lady (As we are from Latvia, where are many Russian speaking people we know some russian) after a bit of chatting the lady offered us “her company for a night”. hehe. Next – we continued our epic quest to find some kind of 24/7 McDonalds or Kebaab or whatever, to just sit and work a little. After a while we found one 24/7 Mc Donalds in Helsinki(place looked like a bomb had exploded there recently, litter everywhere, 5 bums and so on).

Ok, so we got our Chicken MC Nuggets and some drinks, found a table and started to work on our platform. As we had only paper, the only thing we could do was loads of planning. Actually sitting like that in night for hours just talking about our Project and planning it was awesome and helped to improve it.

Heading back to Aaltos.

Ok, so it was morning and buses were starting to go to Aaltos again. We bought our ticket, slowly got back to the Garage and dropped in some Sofas in there and fell asleep for a few hours… Ok, thats the beginning… what next.

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